Best methods to grow herbs

The art of growing herbs has been around for thousands of years. Basically, there are several methods involved in growing plants, herbs or flowers in both indoors or outdoors. The major reason for growing these herbs is that they are useful for both medicinal as well as culinary purposes. In these modern days, the herbs provide aromatic fragrances as well as pleasant flavors, both essential parts of a great garden. One of the best parts of growing plants or herbs is that it does not occupy a lot of space. You can also grow them in small pots giving you lots of flexibility.

The great thing about growing herbs – they are very easy to grow anywhere in your home without any problem. The best time to plant the herbs are during the spring months, which are possible to grow a wonderful herb in the garden of your home. It is an attractive way that helps you to plant bountiful numbers of herbs in the short span of time. Even though, there are some useful formal techniques available to grow herbs in the most effective way. First of all, you have to find the right enough space to begin growing herbs in which to plant the seeds. The most important thing is to know the difference between the perennial and annual herbs and then start growing plants from year to year.

When it comes to growing herbs in the garden, all you need to do is to know the basic structure of your herb garden as well as to be cleared about the complete structure of growing plants.

  • Initially, you need to have the gardening supplies and setting up three herb pots. Take three pots with three drainage holes in the base and placed over the trays in order to withhold the water drainage. It requires about 5-6 inches deep and 5-6 inches in diameter.
  • Now take one packet of herb seeds, one small bag of peat moss, one small bag of organic compost and place the containers in sunny position. If you have a sunny balcony, it will be easier for you to grow herbs. Before placing your herbs, you need to arrange the soil by mixing one part of peat moss with 5 parts of compost.
  • After arranging all those items, you can start planting the seeds by making a hole with your finger about 1 inch deep in the center of every container. Now, you pour the seeds in the middle hole and set the pots in the selected sunny place under the grow light. Once the seeds germinate, the plants or herbs will grow as soon as possible and start to get about 2 inches height at the beginning. Here, the notable thing is to grow only one plant in every pot. Once the plant has grown, you should care your herbs and must water the pots every day by keeping them methodically and maintained. Therefore, these are all effective ways to start a trouble-free pot garden in your home.

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